What Is ADHD?

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What Is ADHD?

Messagepar Yanni » lun. 23 mai, 2016 18:21

ADHD literally translates to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Apart from the literally meaning of this label, nowadays it refers to a variety of symptoms.

1. It refers to the difficulty to pay attention to what is required to a specific situation.
2. Or it can indicate that although there is attention to something, this doesn't last as long as necessary.

3. Either combined with or without an attention problem, the 'H' in the label ADHD means more bodily movement or action than appropriate, and this unsuitably so and over longer periods of time during the day; on a regular basis.

4. In Davis, with the 'H' in the label ADHD we also can refer to Hypoactivity.

5. ADHD as a label can also describe to impulsivity, which usually is uncontrolled action; it's acting, before or without thinking and not necessarily being conscious of it while it's happening or of its possible consequences.

6. ADHD as a label has advanced to cover a wide range of behavioral problems, like problems with appointments, problems with organized and structured activity, problems with harmonizing in pace and manner with others and many more.

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